2012-03-06 22:12:15 by qwertyfreak

Anyways, I recently (like 2 minutes ago) submitted some music to the audio portal, and personally, I think it's pretty awesome. You should go check it out. It'll probably be somewhere below with all my other great stuff. Or not. Damn. First they make the new facebook, now the new newgrounds. It'll be up in the "Audio" tab in the opposite direction I told you to go in before. Oh well. Just go. Go now. It's quite delicious.

not BLAMed

2008-12-23 16:08:15 by qwertyfreak

Thank god,
My game has finally been accepted! Hurrah!

Though the scores really aren't the best.

gunna make some flash!

2008-10-02 22:08:36 by qwertyfreak

I have now started to work on improving my flash movie. Most reviews said I needed better sound and animation. So I'll be doing flash for a while.

I'll submit the movie when its done.

Town Watch

2008-10-01 21:24:02 by qwertyfreak

I have finally gone up in rank! Finally!

long time

2008-09-29 22:09:09 by qwertyfreak

it takes so long to go up in rank, but I still can't beleive you need so many blam/protection points to go up.

If anybody has ideas that I can use for flash movies just respond to this post or PM me. Thanks.

By the way, I won't be submitting anything good until summer because I don't have time to work with flash right now. Sorry.


2008-09-25 22:06:48 by qwertyfreak

I submitted something that I worked on for a month and it got blamed! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH
Oh well, I'll try again with a better movie, but that takes time.